Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions? Here’s the backstory.

How do I play?

The object is to pick 10 actors from movies currently out; that roster of actors is what we call a call sheet. Your call sheet earns points based on the performance of their movies at the North American box office. Your call sheet competes against others to win prizes. For more details on how to play, please click the Rules button on the left side of the screen or review our video tutorials.

How much does it cost to play?

CinemaDraft is free to play.

Why do you ask for information when signing up?

In order to keep CinemaDraft free to play, we may need some general information about the make-up of our players. We will never share your information without your permission. To learn more about our privacy policy, please click here.

Do I have to spend $100,000 on my call sheet?

No. As long as you have 10 actors (no more, no less) representing all three release types, then you can spend up to $100,000 on your call sheet.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

Go to your Player Profile and click the dollar icon in the left hand corner of your profile.

Can I click on the movies and actor names?

Yes. Our actors and movies in the Talent Pool have detailed screens where you can get more information about them.

Why does my actor/movie not have a score?

In some cases with smaller or independent films, the gross box office may not be disclosed until the end of a weekend release period. If this is the case, the aggregate score of the movie will be applied to your call sheet before the contest is finalized. If no box office is reported at all when it is time to finalize the contest, the actor on your call sheet will receive a minimum score of 1.00 points or 1.40 points if a headliner.

When can I PLAY?

CinemaDraft has recently just closed its extended beta test. Look forward to the sequel returning in 2020 to a screen near you!




contest: A single game of CinemaDraft, featuring at least 2 to unlimited opponents.

talent pool: List of available actors, salaries, and movies available for selection in any given contest.

release period: Length of time for a contest, (i.e. a movie weekend stretching from Thursday evening through Sunday evening).

call sheet: Known as a “lineup” in daily fantasy sports, consists of slots to fill with actors chosen from the talent pool of any given release period, in order to score points based off the box office performance of their movies. Please click the Rules button for standard call sheet and scoring rules.

salary: Value in dollars of an actor for a call sheet. Minimum salary for a $100,000 call sheet = $5,000.

budget: Amount of actor salaries allowed for a call sheet. Typically $100,000 for a 10 actor call sheet.

release type: Category of a movie’s release by screens.

  • Wide: 2,000 screens and up
  • Limited: 501 – 1999 screens
  • Platform: 1 – 500 screens

ITM: in the money

  • Usually 15-20% of a tournament or private league, denotes players who have won money or credits in finishing in the top 15-20% in a tournament


How to make a CinemaDraft call sheet